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Thank you so much for taking my test. I hope you enjoyed it!

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royce hall


sometimes i walk around campus and am just awed at the beauty of the place i've called my school since 1998. royce hall is one of my favorite parts of the ucla campus. it's not because of the grandeur or the popularity of the building. rather, i like the fact that the towers are not identical.
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for some reason, my ex-roomie has been mentioning the fact that i'm single a lot lately. it bugs me. not that i'm single, but that she keeps talking about how i "strike out" or how i don't have a date to a certain event. she'll say something offhanded like, "cindy, we need to find you a man." it's the need part that bugs me the most.

perhaps that's not the best thing for me right now. i've made a lot of rash decisions in the past few months involving men and dating. i don't regret anything, but it's shown me that i might just be better off alone, at least for now. and is that such a bad thing? no. it's not.
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i really don't know why i just did this.

but i did, i guess because i need another space to write in. maybe this will be my hailu spot (no, that's not a typo, it's still a haiku, just about or for me). or maybe i can use this space to write about things going on around l.a. since i don't really use the other blogs for current events and political stuff.

um... what else? oh yeah: i need to stand up for myself more, i need to find the ovaries to do things that make me a little uncomfortable, i need to let go of m.c. (my old place of work), and i need to start getting ready for classes in a week!

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